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Mapping APPs Comparison

Posted: Thu May 25, 2017 1:27 am
by alex
Hi folks! I did a little comparison of some cloud providers to help me to choose the best service. I need your help to comment and give me more informations about it. My intention is ofter update this file to help others beginners like me.

Drone Deploy (
SkyCatch (
PrecisionMapper (
Pix4d (
Drone Made Easy (
Altizure (
Agisoft (

Ipad mini 2
DJI Phantom 4 with stock lens
Dell i7 8gb ram ultrabook
Demo-survey: 800 pictures at 240ft of my farm.
Using only free and trial accounts

Drone Deploy

Missions storage on the cloud, much easier to plan using mouse and computer
Elevation map using colors exportable to KMZ
NDVI parameters changed in real time
APP very easy to use
Free up to 500 pictures
Nice free and paid apps
Fastest reply from support when I used it.

KMZ using a few images, too heavy to load on the computer
Does not provide HTML version to see off-line
AP could show the percentage of the mission and the speed in km/h
A bit pricey
Does not permit upload more than 1000 pictures without reduce resolution even in paid account
Contour feature only at the most expensive plan


History of the surveys is a killer feature! Easy to navigate in differents missions of the same place and compare it.
The best 3D (best resolution and algorithm)
Easy to use
Provide share the mission without need to create an account at the site. (cool!)
Show the processing in %, helping to estimate how long will it take to finish.


Does not provide mission planning on the cloud
Does not provide agro functions, only focused to constructions
2D and 3D only

Precision Mapper

Best to agricultural use
IOS APP is very complete
Several diferents agro algorithms (
Fastest processing
Windows/MAC software to verify and upload
Provide surveys in KMZ and HTML using small tiles (muuuuch fast to be seen)
The cheapest plan does provide many good functions, including agro
For agricultural use, the cheapest plan (USD 49.00) could be enough, including NDVI algorithm.

Does not provide anonymous share.. clients must have an account to see
Does not provide cloud mission planning as Drone Deploy
Flight Planner for mac/win does not work on my P4
Does provide DSM/DTM export in tiff but I could´t open using simple pictures viewers



Pricey (starting from USD 150.00)

Still evaluating. Came back soon!

Drone Made Easy
(to be completed soon)

(to be completed soon)




The best mapping (for me of course!) plataform should have:
- Be cheap :)
- Missions planning using web (cloud), synchronized to the APP;
- GPX import to a mission to fly a fixed height AGL instead of MSL;
- APP integrated to LATAM;
- Cloud processing;
- Historical missions and surveys;
- Customized reports (ability to be translated for example);
- Integrated to airspace to avoid problems;
- win/mac to verify if the mission was concluded without problem;
- Weather integration;
- Wind and direction in real-time during the flight and re-route the path acording this information;
- Agricultural analysis
- Compatible to DJI 3+
- Flightlog send to healthdrones automatically after the flights
- Mission planner show how many miles/km will the drone fly to complete the survey
- Mission planner planning the waypoints should be more interesting to switch the batteries, take-off and land.


“I tested the Agisoft but my i7 notebook froze up after 4 days processing my data (about 900 images from P4) and I decided to test cloud solutions. I ´m just a beginner on mapping area and would like to get suggestions and tips about my researches. So far I'm using DD app to plan and fly my missions and Precision Mapper to process it. Ofter I also process at Skycatch when I need to demonstrate the historical surveys to my future-clients. For me, PrecisionMapper give me the best relation between features X price. The best feature that I could not find in any of this platforms is a way to fly my missions in AGL, not only in MSL, maybe using GE elevation informations.”

Important 1 - I decide to create this file and I will update every week
Important 2 - Apologize for my english mistakes :)

Alex Rodrigues
Brasilia, Brazil