My checklist before go mapping

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My checklist before go mapping

#1 Post by alex » Thu May 25, 2017 12:59 am

Night before

- Cigarrete charger
- Batteries on the hub on charge
- VHF radios on charge
- GPS with new batteries
- Remote Control on charge
- Air VHF radio on charge
- Weather forecast verified (METAR, TAF, Radar, Doppler, winds aloft,etc...)
- Airspace verified (NOTAM)
- Ipad updated and on charge
- APPs with missions verified
- Memory cards formated and in a good condition
- SPOT GPS Tracker with new batteries
- Mobile phone on charge
- Celular charging
- Notebook on charge
- Car verified (fuel, tire pressure, etc...)

Before take-off

- Sun block and insect repellent
- Batteries charged
- Memory card installed
- Air band radio set and listening for traffic, informing flight intentions;
- VHF/UHF set on the local frequencie for coordination
- SPOT Tracker installed
- Ipad with missions load and uploaded
- Weather checked

After the flight

- Remote control off
- Ipad off
- Drone off
- Memory Card safely stored
- Drone cleaned and stored
- Propellers stored
- Batteries cooling down on the car AC
- Radios stored

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